Reiki Energy

Crystal Reiki healing helps re-align your electromagnetic frequencies and removes emotional & energetic blocks, while allowing for soul learning, healing & spiritual growth. Crystal Reiki sessions are clothing-on, minimal contact therapy sessions where beautiful crystals are placed on & around the body in geometric layouts to encourage energetic health, dispel mental/emotional distress & balance the major energy centers (chakras). Each session combines targeted Chromotherapy (colored light energy), Theta Wave sound healing & channeled Reiki (life force energy) to the entire body to promote self-healing, inner peace & utter relaxation. What is Reiki? The word Reiki is derived from two Japanese words: rei meaning Universal Spirit and ki meaning life force energy. In Reiki, hands are the channels for energy (ki) guided by the Universal Spirit (Rei). Mystics of all cultures speak of the physical universe being made of an underlying form of energy which is subject to or affected by thought. 

Crystal Reiki sessions available for 30 or 60 minutes

Krystle Skin Facial
This luxury treatment includes gemstone organic skin care from Krystle Skin with the addition of a crystal facial grid, and crystal mask. This facial also includes a thirty minute relaxing crystal Reiki energy session. Elevate your skin care experience. When we align ourself within, the radiance and light shines through. This unique experience that combines essential oils, specific crystals suited to heal your chakra needs. These 60 minutes are completely about pampering yourself. Starting with intention, moving to chakra stones to assist with clearing and centering, concluding with an organic facial that will leave you centered and glowing!